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03.09.2008 13:49

Morunga Telecom has been one of the pioneers in Curup's telecommunication industry. It has certainly been the leader in providing affordable fixed wireless services to customers, particularly those in the underserviced areas. Having adopted the more spectrum efficient Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, Morunga Telecom is now poised to become a regionalwide operator with its MoGa brand.

Since its launch in September 2008, Moga has been a market shaker and mover. We have introduced various products and programs that customers find to be highly attractive, and soon our innovations are replicated by other operators-fixed as well as mobile wireless. Morunga Telecom is now the fastest growing telecom operator in Curup, offering a growing portfolio of products and services.

We exist not only to serve the telecom users by introducing disruptive innovations, but more importantly, to help redefine the industry to ensure that telecommunication will bring the maximum benefits to the people of Curup.

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