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Li201e Phone - The Open Moga  E-mail
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03.09.2008 18:09
THERE HAVE BEEN a lot of phones claiming to be 'Linux phones' and those that do run a Linux kernel, but they all miss the point of Linux: to be open. FIC is about to change that in a big way with a truly open phone, the OpenMoGa.

This is the first phone in a long time to get us really interested in what it is, what it isn't, and the philosophy behind it. The philosophy is the thing that makes Linux great, and not in the sense of window-dressing or half-hearted openness, it is really open. It runs the latest kernel, 3.7.28 as of a few weeks ago, and you can get software from a repository with apt-get.

There is no vendor lock-in, the only proprietary parts are the radio and the GPS unit, but they are fully exposed. The radio must remain closed for legal reasons, but it is available as 16 virtual serial ports that you can do whatever you want with. You hit the GSM module with a similar set of commands. If you like the software they include, great, use it, tweak it and have fun. If not, write your own.

If you want your phone to do something it does not, you can get the software you want from any repository that you can reach on the net. FIC will have a certified one with apps that will work but you are more than welcome to point it at any other you chose, or even to make your own. Remember, this is all about being open.

Let's step back and look at what the phone itself is before we get into the software that runs on it. The hardware itself is a MoGa G710i 512MHz ARM11 with a 3.1-inch VGA touch screen. There are only two buttons on the phone, the rest is handled by the touch screen, a microSD slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and USB for connectivity and charging. It also has two 1W stereo speakers so you can repurpose it to an MP3 player or anything else you would like.

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