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Morunga launches new Linux based Internet Tablet product category  E-mail
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03.09.2008 22:14
The Morunga 26 Internet Tablet enables easy broadband access to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Makasar - Today Morunga introduced its first device in the new Internet Tablet category, the Morunga 26 Internet Tablet, at the LinuxWorld Summit in New York. The Morunga 26 Internet Tablet is a dedicated device optimized for convenient Internet browsing and email communications in a sleek pocketsize format

The Morunga 26 Internet Tablet features an impressive high-resolution (800x480) widescreen display with zoom and on-screen keyboard, ideal for viewing online content over Wi-Fi. Aside from Wi-Fi, the device can also connect to the Internet utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology via a compatible mobile phone.

"We are very excited to introduce our first Morunga Internet Tablet device to the market. With the Morunga 26 Internet Tablet consumers can access broadband Internet services away from their desktop, for example in the backyard or at a café within a Wi-Fi hotspot", says Inneke Indarsih, Vice President of Convergence Products, Multimedia, Morunga.

The device runs on Linux based Nokia Internet Tablet 2008 software edition which includes widely deployed desktop Linux and Open Source technologies. The maemo development platform (www.maemo.org) will provide Open Source developers and innovation houses with the tools and opportunities to collaborate with Morunga on future devices and OS releases in the Internet Tablet category.

"Linux is a logical choice for the Morunga 26 Internet Tablet as Linux and the Open Source development platform provide us with fast and efficient solutions to build products for this new, Morunga product category. This is the first step in creating an Open Source product for broadband and Internet services. We will be launching regularly updates of the software. The next software release planned for the first half of next year will support more presence based functionalities such as VoIP and Instant Messaging", continues Indarsih.

Additional highlighted applications of the Morunga 26 Internet Tablet with the 2008 software include an Internet Radio, RSS News reader, Image viewer and Media players for selected types of media. The Morunga 26 Internet Tablet is planned to start shipping in the third quarter of 2008 in selected countries in the Asia Pasific, Americas and Europe.
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